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Our Services



Nutritious Meal

A special diet regime needs to be followed when it comes to feeding the old aged people. At SHEOWS we take care of this fact and put forward the best diet that suits old age.A balanced diet provided in a way that perfectly benefits these people, and which is rich in Calcium, Proteins & Vitamins and Low on Fat. Green vegetables and adequate milk is provided too, for a fit and healthy living of our people.


Hygienic Environment

We understand the significance of hygiene and it reflects in our services. We maintain a very regular routine in order to have good hygienic conditions, diapers are regularly changed, bedsheets and blankets are properly cleaned and consistently changed. RO water system is installed so thedrinking water is pure. The hygiene and cleanliness of the kitchen is also taken care of really well. A clean and homely atmosphere is provided for our elderly.


Medical Care

We are highly conscientious when it comes to the medical health of the old aged people staying at our Ashram. So we have very efficient medical facilities to ensure the best health of our people. We have an Intensive Care Unit equipped with oxygen concentrater and nebuliser facility at our Ashram. Heavily injured elderly are provided with instant First-Aid or Surgery , if required. MBBS Doctors are present at Ashram in case of any immediate need. A team of special, highly qualified MD Doctors visit the ashram for weekly checkups. Blood Test are also done regularly. This helps them deal with the old age diseases in a better manner. We also provide Physiotherapy which is extremely helpful to the people suffering from fractured legs, bone or muscle break, paralysis and especially Arthritis. This helps in easing the pain without the harmful side effects of consuming pain killer.



Our staff consists of highly dedicated people who are sensitive, and sentimental towards the old aged and they take care of them like their own family. They are all inspired by Dr. Bhagat in serving these old people with love and affection. Dr. Bhagat is also present in the Ashram, 24×7, to take care of these people. Our team picks up elderly from the roadside and function round the clock to save their precious lives.


Leisure Activities

We have TVs set up in the Ashram which is for these people. Bhajan Sandhyas are organized and devotional singers are also invited for short performances with the purpose of bestowing these people with some great time. A “Sarv Dharm Prarthna Sthal” is a prayer place that is set up inside the Ashram where prayers take place . School and college student also visit the Ashram for entertaining and interacting with our elderly and spend some precious and cherishable time with them. Festivals of all religion are celebrated with enthusiasm and excitement.



When we lose a beloved member of our Ashram, we make sure that they are cremated properly and all the rituals are duteously performed according to the deceased religion.

The Intensive Care Unit For Emergency

We are providing 10 bedded Intensive care unit with oxygen concentrator and nebulizer facility for our critical elderly.


The Minor Operation Room cum Pathology Lab

We have Pathology Lab with latest equipments like Hematology Electrolyte and Biochemistry Machine with blood Sample Storage along with it we have minor OT facility for minor operations.


Digital X-Ray and Scanner room


Physiotheraphy Unit

We have our own Physiotherapy set up with latest equipments.

Get In Touch

Old Age Home: Guru Vishram Vridh Ashram, Gautampuri, Phase-1, New Delhi-110044
Guru Vishram Vridh Ashram, Village Lathira Garhmukteshwar, UP-245205
Head Office: B-11, GF, Greater Kailash Enclave 1,
New Delhi-110048
Email: oldagehome@sheows.org, info@sheows.org
Helpline No: 8588-888-999
Phone: +91 11 4905 9197 - +91 11 4052 1236