COVID-19 Responses

COVID-19 Responses

The COVID-19 Pandemic hit India hard, the second wave was much more severe than the first wave, and with the sudden rise in the Test Positivity Rate the health care system was not able to handle the sudden swarm of patients. Many states in India faced severe shortage in oxygen supply, due to which many covid-19 patients lost their lives. Due to the sudden rise in cases, the health care system is not able to bare the sudden increase in patients; this is causing shortage in oxygen supply, hospital beds, vaccinations and venerators.

To show support SHEOWS extended their services to the needy, we extended our ambulance services which are fully equipped with emergency care. 400 beneficiaries have been fully vaccinated; we have distributed ration to 15,000 elderlies and persons with disability and sanitization kits to 300 beneficiaries. The ashrams are sanitized three times a day to avoid any casualties and we are proud to say that none of our beneficiaries were infected. Covid-19 has taught that we should not be careless regarding our health, even a little bit of carelessness can cause us harm. With all the necessary preparedness we can fight COVID-19 and hope for a better tomorrow.

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Even after our efforts Millions of Senior Citizens still homeless.

Notice: Donation to SHEOWS is exempted for perpetuity u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act,1961.
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