Nutritious Food

Elderly citizens that are rescued by SHEOWS are given residence at the old age homes that are managed by the organisation. There are three fully equipped and functional old age homes that are managed by the SHEOWS teams in the Delhi NCR area and, in Uttar Pradesh. These homes not only have all amenities that the elderly require in their day-to-day lives but also have round the clock personnel present who assist the elderly with all their needs. The residents are provided with nutritious meals three times a day. The elderly are given a balanced diet with all components included in each meal – there are extremely nutritious meals that are prepared by the cooking staff in the homes and are prepared while maintaining all hygiene and cleanliness standards. They are also given supplements for better nutrition if needed. These meals are even fed to the elderly by the caregiving staff that is always present at the old age homes.

40 Bedded Special Care Unit

The two old age homes that we run and manage in the NCR area are both equipped to look after any resident who needs critical and intensive medical care. The home is also well equipped with medical professionals who are present for 24x7 care of the elderly. The Special Care Unit not only allows the elderly to access intensive and urgent medical care, but it also allows them to live in the old age home in peace when they know they are well looked after.

The Special Care Unit has up to 40 beds, all with updated medical equipment and experienced staff that is needed to operate such a unit. At times, when an elderly is rescued they are in dire need of medical care and attention. Some of them have even arrived at the homes with long-term and neglected injuries and/or issues that need special and focused care and attention.

24x7 doctors and nurses

The age group that we deal with is that of senior citizens i.e., the population that has reached a certain stage in their lives – a stage that weakens them and their abilities of looking after themselves and caring for all that they need. These citizens who are mostly above the age of 60 are also vulnerable to various health issues, their immune systems are more likely to allow any infections or diseases to make home in their systems and there are many other reasons that can contribute to their needs being amplified in that age. Keeping these needs that might mean daily medical care for some to very minimal medical care for some, the old age home or the elderly residence always has doctors and nurses on campus.

The availability of having these personnel present allows us and our supporting stakeholders to be sure that whenever a resident needs care, it will be provided to them, and they will be well looked after. The availability of medical care also allows the rescued elderly to place their trust in the home and in the institution that they are staying at.

24x7 rescues

The calls that come directly to SHEOWS or the call that come to SHEOWS for a rescue or through any authority/concerned citizen who have looked after the destitute elderly and requests the support from our end can happen at any hour of the day. The facility of providing a 24×7 rescue service was to ensure that any call for help and support doesn’t go unanswered. The team at SHEOWS has been able to rescue and help the elderly promptly when information about them and/or calls for picking up an elderly citizen in need were received since the rescue services have been available and accessible 24×7.

The availability of this service along with the staff being available at the old age homes at all times allows the rescue services to be extremely prompt and readily available. The staff present at the center not only makes the transition smooth for any new elderly citizens coming to stay in the home but also makes the drop off, if done by any external authority (e.g., drop off done by police etc.) that is aware of the work done by SHEOWS or is linked with us through work.

Pathology Lab

The availability of a lab within the home is an absolute necessity that allows us to provide the best possible care for all who are present at the old age home. The rescued elderly are taken through multiple tests upon their arrival. The tests done at the Lab help the doctors, nurses as well as support staffs identify and record any health issues, prominent or underlie and help them create a plan for their care and welfare. Regular check-ups are done to keep a track of their health and wellbeing.

The lab in itself contains all equipment’s that are needed for the tests that are generally conducted with trained staff are appointed to operate all the machinery and equipment. The elderly go through various tests upon arrival and before they are housed in the facility permanently. This is done in order to create and maintain medical records for all the residents. Any medical conditions that are detected during these tests are recorded and the in-house doctors and specialists make sure that the plan to look after each resident is made accordingly. This also helps in making sure that they are looked after as per the requirements of their nutritional and medical needs.

Lift for elderly, wheelchair access​

We work with senior citizens who are above the age of 60 usually. The human body loses its agility and strength with age and often the elderly need assistance in moving around and getting to places. Keeping in mind the core age group that we are targeting and serving through our programs and efforts need assistance, the residences are built with easy access to all areas through lifts, ramps, and wheelchairs. Along with all the infrastructural assistance present at the residence, there are also caregivers and staff that look after any elderly citizen’s needs and helps them move around as needed.

We aim to provide all the necessary services and amenities that will help us provide better care and comfort to all the residents who stay at the old age homes that are run and managed by us. These services, although simple and generic to have in any large complex but them being present in our home makes it a factor of ease and comfort. The elderly can access all areas of the residence with the presence of these facilities.

Physiotherapy Center​

Elderly citizens that are rescued by SHEOWS are given residence at the old age homes that are managed by the organization. There are three fully equipped and functional old age homes that are managed by the SHEOWS teams in the Delhi NCR area and, in Uttar Pradesh. These homes are equipped with all amenities that the elderly require in their day-to-day lives. With ageing your body goes through numerous changes, your muscle strength is decreased, lower bone density and you experience stiff joints. With regular physiotherapy sessions these problems can be reduced to some extent.

X-Ray Center​

The old age home also runs with a well-equipped x-ray lab along with technicians that are needed to run the scans whenever needed. We developed the facility of having such scans done in-house to help our rescued elderly get all kinds of medical facilities upon arrival. When we rescue any elderly who may come to us in an injured state or shows any signs of severe pain in any part of their body – instead of moving them to a separate facility to get x-ray scans to ensure their health, we do their scans in house.

These services not only reduce movement for the elderly in a distressed or injured state, but they also allow them to access all the required services, the best facilities, along with nutrition and love and affection all under one roof. With such facilities and infrastructure – no matter how big or small, we aim to make a home that feels safe and secure.

In-house pharmacy​

At the time of initial inspection and tests, the doctors create a medical chart and further create a treatment plan for the rescued resident. The in-house pharmacy stocks all the medicines that are required by the residents. The pharmacy also stocks any medicines that might be needed during any other ailments or emergencies at the old age home.

The rescued elderly residents or even the ones who get rehabilitated after rescue are given the best possible care for as long as they are with us. The access to a pharmacy being within the residence not only makes healthcare more accessible to the elderly in long term, it also helps in tackling with minor injuries, cuts or infections and provide immediate service.

Care for Dementia​

Dementia is a disorder which very progressive nature and it leads to deterioration in cognitive function (i.e., the ability to process thought) beyond what might be expected from the usual consequences of biological ageing. It affects memory, thinking, orientation, comprehension, calculation, learning capacity, language, and judgement. Consciousness is not affected. The impairment in cognitive function is commonly accompanied, and occasionally preceded, by changes in mood, emotional control, behaviour, or motivation. Dementia affects each person in a different way, depending upon the underlying causes, other health conditions and the person’s cognitive functioning before becoming ill. There are various stages that the condition represents itself in, from very minor symptoms such as confusion and/or forgetfulness to extreme cases where the affected persons have no memory or recollection abilities to know who they are and so on.

Since Dementia is a common problem that is seen in old age in our country – there are provisions in the home and caregivers who look after the residents who have dementia and need round the clock care. The home makes the life and stay of all residents as comfortable and as welcoming as they can make. Having someone who looks after the residents who cannot look after themselves allows all residents to stay in the house with ease and without any disruption.

Palliative/Geriatric care

Palliative care is specialized medical care that focuses on providing patients relief from pain and other symptoms of a serious illness, no matter the diagnosis or stage of disease. Geriatric care is a branch of medicine that deals with the problems and diseases of old age and the medical care and treatment of aging people.

Once the rescued individual comes into any of the residences at SHEOWS, no matter their ailments or illnesses, their condition at the time of admission, their medical needs and tests required, their mental comprehension abilities etc. don’t create any hindrance in our abilities to look after them or provide for them. A well-equipped residence with all the primary healthcare services. i.e., not just in terms of staff but also in terms of an equipped lab, a pharmacy, an x-ray center among others helps us provide the best healthcare as well as hospice care (care for someone who is terminally ill and nearing death due to their condition) under the same roof.

Ambulance Service

To create an all-round medical care facility within our residence, we have also equipped ourselves with an Ambulance service that helps the caretakers and doctors be prompt in any additional service that the residents might require. While the residence is fully equipped with all facilities needed for medical care, along with all the Path Lab tests and a Special Care Unit as well, the residents might need facilities that are provided in hospitals or might be in critical need of attention. In cases like these, where one cannot really gauge what is needed, the resident is equipped with an Ambulance to take the residents wherever needed.

The ambulance also brings in any elderly In need of care and medical attention. The availability of this service means that our elderly can reach the services they need in required time helps us get closer to our aim of making an organisation that serves the destitute elderly a safer space.

Organic Farming and Gaushala

The ashrams or the old age homes that we built are built with all due consideration and we make sure that everything we provide to the elderly in terms of care and services are top notch and the food/medicines provided are all top quality. The homes also have ample spaces that have become grounds for the residents to walk and go around when they need fresh air and a change of space.

To stay at pace with various practices around the world as well as to monitor the quality of our consumption more closely, the spaces have been utilised to create an organic farmland and a gaushala with cows that exclusively produce and supply goods to the ashram. When we utilize and consume the fresh goods and dairy that are produced within the residence, it contributes towards creating a healthier lifestyle for the elderly. With this we reduce the consumption of adulterated foods and dairy that the elderly might be consuming otherwise.

Solar Power Centre

Solar power panel were installed at the old age homes to create a sustainable source of electrical power supplying electricity to the residence. Our Garhmukhteshwar Ashram is equipped with a total of seventy-five solar panels providing 75 Kilowatt of power to the center. However the center does require additional source of power as the solar panel is not equipped for the growing demand.

With practices and implementations like this, we are also heading towards making our old age homes more sustainable and eco-friendlier. Not only is this a way to make the old age home better equipped in terms of the electrical requirements but also helps us reduce our carbon footprint and is a step towards creating a greener world.

Rehabilitation to home

SHEOWS works towards the care of the elderly, needs are customized according to the individual’s requirements. There are times when the rescued citizens are simply lost and have no way that leads them back home. This can happen due to many reasons and in such situations, when we find their families, or their families reach out to us after finding out that their family members are with us – we work on their rehabilitation. During this period, the elderly citizens are not only looked after and fed, but they are also given any medical assistance that they might require.

We not only work towards the idea of saving and serving the elderly citizens rescued, but we also work for the ones who simply need to get reunited with their families. The aim of the rescue is not to find more elderly citizens in need of our care, it is to find the best ways in which we can assist and provide for them. There are times when the elderly being reunited with their families and finding their way back home is what is best suited for their needs and in those cases, that is what we assist them with.

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