Environment & Energy

Environment & Energy

Solar power panel were installed at the old age homes to create a sustainable source of electrical power supplying electricity to the residence. Our Garhmukhteshwar Ashram is equipped with a total of seventy-five solar panels providing 75 Kilowatt of power to the center. However the center does require additional source of power as the solar panel is not equipped for the growing demand.

Plantation drive was organized by the staff members to create awareness about the environmental issues like deforestation, soil erosion and global warming. All the residences and staff members’ actively participated in the drive and planted 200 sampling at the Ashram. This initiative is a small step taken by SHEOW’s to achieve a green and clean environment which can be enjoyed by the future generations.

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Even after our efforts Millions of Senior Citizens still homeless.

Notice: Donation to SHEOWS is exempted for perpetuity u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act,1961.
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