Milk is one of most adulterated products, SHEOWS wants the beneficiaries to enjoy the purest form of milk, to attain the same SHOWS has established a cow shed where the purest breeds of cows are raised. Currently we have 75 cows which supply the purest form of milk and milk products like curd, ghee, etc., to our Ashram beneficiaries exclusively. Our annual production of milk amounts to 20,000 liters. Each beneficiary is served one glass of milk everyday along with a health supplement.

This practice has considerably improved their mobility and bone health and enhanced their immunity. Apart from this, vermicomposting is also practiced by collecting cow dung and is further used for organic farming. Cow urine is sold to Ayurveda centers and the profits are utilized for serving our elderly.

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Even after our efforts Millions of Senior Citizens still homeless.

Notice: Donation to SHEOWS is exempted for perpetuity u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act,1961.
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