Health Camp

Health Camp

Despite the significant improvement in life expectancy and child mortality rates, vast swathes of the country’s population are still vulnerable and deprived of access to good healthcare. To tackle this SHEOWS organize health Camps in collaboration with Hospitals like Apollo, Supreme and Vision. The camps are conducted monthly within the Ashram’s premises for our beneficiaries. During these camps the residents are given a fully body and eye check-ups by the visiting physicians. SHEOWS have sponsored 70+ eye operation till date.

SHEOWS organizes regular health camps for elderly residing in the ashrams and also for the elderly residing in the neighborhood areas. Various camps for blood testing, bone-density testing, regular check-ups, etc., have been organized and these have benefitted a huge number of elderly.

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Even after our efforts Millions of Senior Citizens still homeless.

Notice: Donation to SHEOWS is exempted for perpetuity u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act,1961.
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